Robin Hood Took Money from the Rich and Give it to the Poor.

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Robin Hood Took Money from the Rich and Give it to the Poor.

Robin Hood is a centuries old folklore hero and not an historical figure. The Black Death reached English shores in 1348, killing almost half of the population. Peasants were force to accept wages that were same as pre plague levels. Meantime food prices skyrocketed. The poor forced to endure hunger and shortages could see even more clearly that the source of their suffering was not just bad weather. It was political class growing rich from peasants labor.
Robin Hood started robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The targets of Robin Hood and his men were from people who had gotten rich from plunder and not production.
Robin Hood Army Philippines
Based on volunteers rather than old concept of taking from the rich to help the poor.
Was formed to bring smiles and hope to people who feel life might be a dead. It is a volunteer organization, as we do not accept cash contributions. Concept is to feed extra or fresh food from restaurants to the unprivileged people especially street children. Robin Hood Army Philippines will officially launch on Sunday, July 23 at 10AM from following 3 locations in Metro Manila.
Guillys Night Club in Tomas Morato Area Quezon City
Club Eros by Hot Boys in Malate and Manila Bay Walk Area
Remax Alliance in Eastwood City and Pasig City Area
Sunday Food meals distribution to the needy will be a regular basis event by RHA restaurant partners or by sharing your food. Volunteers can also join by signing up or sending join request with these sites: 
For restaurants: 
Robin Hood Army also operates in India, Australia, Mexico, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Philippines.


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